Why Travel Insurance is a Must!

You’ve called the entire family, everybody is excited and planning to come to the beach together as the big beautiful happy family that you are. Thanks to your carefully detailed planning well in advance, everyone you invited is able to come with you for a week full of memories together as family and friends, soaking up some Florida Sunshine and splashing in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Book Your Stay With Travel Insurance

Life Is Unpredictable

Imagine your vacation is in July and it’s now January. You just got your reservation booked with a Harmony Beach Vacations agent. What could possibly ruin this amazing trip with your loved ones to Destin, Florida and the beautiful Emerald Coast? Hopefully absolutely nothing will stand in your way of this dream vacation, and that is very likely to be the case. However, we all know life can be a bit unpredictable at times. This is where vacation rental insurance comes into play, becoming the ace card in your back pocket… just in case the unforeseen occurs.

Minimal Cost

The cost for travel insurance is minuscule compared to what it would pay off if you actually needed it. Travel insurance is usually around 6.95% of the cost of the rental rate, and if you needed it, travel insurance reimburses you as if nothing had happened. That is some major risk management and at such a low cost. Check your policy but with most travel insurance it’s not just for a named storm that you would be covered for. It also covers your travel being affected by weather in between you and your destination including cancelled flights or road closings.

Coverage More Than Travel

Coverage usually includes medical situations. You would not have the added burden of having to pay for a vacation that you could not take due to someone in your travel group or someone in your family becoming too ill to make the trip.

Job loss is also covered in some policies if you suddenly find yourself unemployed. You would not have the added worry of paying for a vacation that you probably would rather hold off on until you had secured a job again. You would get back all of what you paid.

Most travel insurance plans may be purchased at any point up to when your final payment for reservation is due.

Add It Your Reservation Before or After Checkout

We highly highly recommend each of our guests select this option of travel insurance for their own protection and benefit. We offer travel insurance that you can add-on during your online reservation. You don’t have to go shop for a 3rd party policy. If it turns out you don’t need it, you still receive something for purchasing the low cost travel insurance. That is peace of mind, which could also be called priceless. You can walk around worry-free and excited about your upcoming vacation because you know that if anything unexpected happens that is covered by the insurance, you haven’t lost anything, because you’re covered.

We suggest purchasing travel insurance either through us with CSA, or other travel protection plans. The peace of mind of knowing your vacation is protected is worth the cost.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. That’s almost half the year for a possibility of a named storm to disrupt even the most well-made plans for a beach vacay. We would absolutely hate for that to happen to any of our wonderful guests. In the rare chance that it does happen, we sincerely hope that you choose travel insurance to protect yourself.

Book Your Stay & Protect It With Travel Insurance

When you book your vacation, we will be sending you a travel insurance brochure that details the situations that are covered by travel insurance. We also strongly encourage our guests to contact the travel insurance company directly for any specific questions that they may have regarding coverage details. We are not insurance agents, but we strongly believe in travel insurance.

We hope to see you as our guests here on the Emerald Coast of Florida very soon, and we wish you the safest and happiest of travels!

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